With Taxi Service Breda, you can order an Airporttaxi from or to any desired airport in the Netherlands or Belgium such as: Schiphol, Zaventem (Brussels international), Rotterdam airport, Eindhoven Airport, Antwerp Airport or Charleroi Airport.

We have several discount prices wehn you book a taxi 24 hrs (minimum) in advance.

Some examples:

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS): € 140,00
Brussel airport (ZAV): € 140,00
Rotterdam Airport (RTM): € 100,00
Eindhoven Airport (EIN): € 100,00
Antwerp Airport (ANR): € 100,00
Charleroi Airport (CRL): € 195,00

Also these fixed prices can be payed by card, wehn asked for a “Pintaxi”.
Prices mentioned are all for a one way trip.
Actual (meter) prices are almost double (!)

With this service, you ‘rent’ one of our taxi’s all to yourself and / or co-passengers.
Prices include luggage and a maximum of 4 persons per car.
You will travel straight to or from the airport, door to door.
In case of an airport pickup, our driver will await you at the gate and escort you to the car, which is usually in front of the airport with minumum walking distance (evan at Schiphol!).

If you have any questions about our Airportservice, please contact us: Click here

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Airport Taxi
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