When you use a taxi in, from or to Breda, then ususally the taximeter is used to determine the price at the end of the ride. In that case the standard prices are used, which are:

Startingprice: € 2,89
Per kilometer: € 2,12
Per minute: € 0.35

When we need to wait for you during the ride, the first ten minutes are determined by meter.If the waiting takes more than ten minutes, there will be a charge of € 6,50 per 10 minutes (€ 39,79 per hour), on top of the meterprice.
When the travellingdistance is 30 kilometres or more, you can ask for a fixed price with the driver or dispatcher. A fixed price can include waiting time when asked for. Fixed prices can differ, depending on time of day, heavy traffic, day or nighttime and so on. When you’ve had a fixed price before, it doesn’t necesarilly mean you have the same price next time (except for our airportservices).

If you want to know what price we can offer you for your ride? Please contact us by clicking here.

Taxi Fare Calculator
The calculator is in dutch. Use: “Vertek” as From and “Bestemming” as: Destination. Then calculate the fare by clicking: “Berekenen”

Any outcome of this taxi fare calculator is just an indication. Although it is a pretyy good one, prices still can be different.
If you think the outcome is too high, and the distance is over 10 Km? Try the switch ‘geen snelweg?’. This way the calculator doesn’t use any highway to calculate the fare. This can be (a lot) cheaper, due to less kilometers.

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