Taxi Service Breda is a reliable taxicompany in Breda, Netherlands. We can bring you anywhere at anytime, 24/7.
Our Service comes with expertise. Our drivers are highly experienced, accurate and correct.

Taxi Service Breda is based in Breda, the south of the Netherlands.
Breda is, to the dutch standards, a fairly big city with a lot of different industries and warehouses.
It’s well located inbetween Rotterdam and Antwerp, and Amsterdam and Brussels, with the Belgian border nearby.

Several industrial zones surround Breda, some examples: Hazeldonk, Minervum, Moleneind, Steenakker.
Besides the possibillity to make use of the public transport, it’s more easier to use a taxi.
With a taxi, you’ll reach your destination within 15 minutes average, except Hazeldonk (approx. 20 mins.).

Taxi Service Breda doesn’t only provide in local services. We can bring you anywhere outside Breda at a fair price.
One of our businesses is an outstanding airportservice, where you’ll be brought from or to any desired airport in the Netherlands or Belgium.

We can also pick you up outside the Breda region, as long as you’re going into Breda.

Taxi Breda, Netherlands
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